The most underrated room in your home:

The Laundry Room!

Let’s be honest the laundry room is probably the most overlooked part of a house. If you are like me then you dread even walking into your laundry room because it means there is work to be done. Wash, dry, fold, hang, repeat! I mean really! Laundry is the worst and also absolutely necessary. The set up of the room you are forced to do this mundane work in can help or hinder the workload for sure. I remember when we bought our first home I didn’t really even consider what my dream laundry room was, heck, I barely even noticed the washer and dryer  because…are you ready for this…there where two laundry lines outside! I know, I know that is so cool right?! I thought as any early twenty-some would that I would hang my laundry out to dry and all my clothes and linens would smell of fresh breeze and sunshine. It would be cheaper, so much better for the environment, and more natural for our “organic” lifestyle. Line drying clothes was one of those things apartment dwellers dream of, you know all that “cool stuff you can do when you own your home” and don’t go to the laundry mat or have to share your “yard” with lots of other people. Well, that lasted about two laundry cycles before our dryer was back in action! Let me tell you there is a reason we have dryers in our homes! My towels were all stiff after four hours drying in the sun and don’t even get me started on the denim. Literally, after washing the clothes inside, carrying them to the back of our acre property, using the clothespins to try to hold soaking wet material to a tiny cable, waiting hours for the items to dry, going out unclipping the clothespin, folding the clothes, and returning to the house the weekly laundry that normally took me half a day to complete was taking three days! Suddenly I was dreaming of storage, folding tables, and large capacity washers and dryers. After years of being a Realtor I have come to realize that every homeowner envisions their perfect laundry room at sometime or another. Go ahead think of yours! We all have a vision of our perfect laundry room whether we want to admit it or not; but it’s okay to admit it, I promise it won’t make you feel too old! Mine would be a main level room near to the bedrooms. A 20×20 square foot room with tile floors, a huge utility sink, a perfectly organized laundry sorting area, floor to ceiling cabinets with hanging bars; I could go on and on. Who doesn’t want a laundry room full of storage cabinets and shelving for hanging all clothes up before calling the family in for distribution to their closets. If only they made extra extra capacity washers and dryers where all the laundry could efficiently be done at the same time! Looking for some ideas on your perfect laundry room? Click out our Pinterest board here!