Well the trend setters have spoken for 2018 and they all agree that the all white kitchens are out! As a Realtor I love seeing the well cared for all white kitchens because, let’s be honest, if someone can keep that kitchen clean the house is most likely pristine as well! Seriously though, it is super hard to maintain that fresh white kitchen but the last few years that has been at the forefront of design for kitchens all across America. We are seeing a new trend emerge though, out of the stark white minimal cabinets the thick gray tones and heavy cabinetry are taking center stage. From the stainless steel sinks of the past we are seeing mixed metal finishes. Where seating at the over-sized island was reigning in kitchen functionality we now see a demand for banquet seating built in. Perhaps people are moving to “easier to maintain” or maybe  people just want to feel cozy in the kitchen again, either way all white is making an exit fast while warmth and function are moving in. If you would like to see more of the trend setting kitchens of 2018 or maybe you refuse to let the all white kitchen dream go, you can check out our Pinterest boards to see all the latest and past kitchen trends.

Our 2018 Trending Kitchen Board

All White Kitchen Trend Board