There is no doubt that technology is the forefront of almost all aspects of our lives. From ordering our groceries online to banking without ever stepping foot in a bank, technology is developed to help make our lives easier and more efficient. Here at Barton Realty we have access to one such app provided by our Brokerage, Keller Williams. This app allows us to offer our clients the instant information on current listings in any location they have their mobile devices. So what does that mean to home-buyers? Well, if you shopped for a house anytime prior to the last 5 years, you know just how tedious the process was. I remember when I was home shopping, every weekend for 7 months we would hop in the car and drive neighborhoods we liked praying to see a new “for sale” sign in the yard of a home we could afford. If we were lucky enough to spot this elusive sign, out came the notebook that was kept in the car for this purpose, we would write the address and any info we could take from the sign. After hours of doing this, we would head back to our apartment to call, yes call, the listing agent for more information. If we were really lucky we could put the address in Google and get an online listing that would us pictures of the interior. I KNOW I KNOW, it WAS archaic to say the least. (Little known side-note: Realtors before the internet got huge books of listings into their offices that had to be gone through to find matches for clients. I mean HOW did people even live.) Those days are long gone now though so have no fear. We live in a much more fast paced, instant gratification, technology based world now. That means when you download our app, where ever you go you will have instant up to date information about homes on the market in the specific area you are in. All you need to do is click here!